Hi there, nice to meet you.
We’re OVA, a friendly bunch of tech geeks, futurist gamers, wide-eyed artists, and passionate storytellers. Together, with our awesome partners, we’re helping industries and businesses transform with spatial computing, artificial intelligence, and XR.
Why we care?
Since 2014, we've been on a mission to create ethical and human immersive experiences that are accessible to everybody. Every day, we empower people to express themselves freely and experience the world in their own way as they make meaningful connections with the people and spaces around them. We envision a future that will be out of this world.
Always in good company
Partnering with industry leaders such as HTC, Varjo, Alienware, and LCI LX has allowed us to make significant advances with cutting-edge technologies. In addition, we collaborate with academic labs across Canada, which has led to some interesting and inspiring Research and Development projects. Such undertakings have earned us a solid place in the industry itself, along with some notable awards such as the highly coveted Brandon-Hall Excellence Award in the Technology category, and an OCTAS Award for Best Startup. Throughout it all, we’ve travelled far and wide and connected with some amazing individuals who have been instrumental in shaping our team, our product, as well as our business
as a whole.
Collaboration is key
We're grateful for the love and support received by these awesome folks.

Say hello to our awesome crew
We're curious, friendly, somewhat quiet yet bold, and driven by meaningful work. We enjoy lunchtime strolls, good ol' board games, craft brews and nostalgic video games. Traditionally, on Friday afternoons, we go hunting for the best desserts around. (Yeah, we've got a bit of a sweet tooth.) All in all, we're about positive vibes and sharing good times. Sound like your style? Drop us a line. Our cozy studio is growing fast and we've got a few open spaces for some new friendly faces. We’re hiring! 😉
Harold Dumur
Founder & CEO
Lucie Rivard
Chief Operating Officer
Pierre-Luc Lapointe
XR Design and R&D Director
Keith Beaudoin
Head of Product
Boris Imare
3D Artist
Samantha Bilodeau
Experience Designer
Simon Pigot
Developer, AR/VR Specialist
Axel Berneron
Lead Developer
Marek Tremblay
Jérémy Lauzé
Quality Assurance Analyst
Caroline Côté Comeau
Administrative Assistant
Ariane Simard Leduc
3D Artist
Dominique Hudon
Content Creator
Julien Marceaux
Instructional Designer Immersive Learning Specialist
Elhadji Niang
Legal Advisor
Myriam Brunet Gauthier
Interim Lead Designer
Yang Che Teng
Gameplay Designer
Sebastian Dickinson
Educational Researcher
Tobby Fournier
Dorothée Michaud
3D Artist
Étienne Patry
Interim Lead Artist
David Carrier
Chief Financial Officer
Mathieu Drolet
Quality Assurance Specialist
Alexis Mailhot
Web Developer
Tim Purdy
VP of Client Solutions Canada / U.S.
Raphaëlle Plantier
3D Artist
Étienne Arsenault
Full Stack Web Developer
Darcy Ross
Project Owner
Alex Odajima
VP of Client Solutions Japan
Mathilde Mercier
Visual Designer
Antoine Fortin
César Lozano
UX/UI Designer
Simon Racine
3D Artist
Frédérik Prevost
3D Artist
Olivier Chartrand
Sales & Partnerships Manager
Romane Boudreau
Masterclass experience developer
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